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Tea Snob

Is it possible that I’ve turned into a tea snob? I’ve never been a coffee drinker and occasionally drink wine. But when I discovered tea, something in me woke up to a new way of being. My teatime anchors my day. In the morning I don’t leave the house until I have made my cup of tea. My drive into the office is like a ritual when I have my tea with me.

My evening ritual consists of a pot of tea under tea light and I sip my evening sleep tea slowly as I wind down for the day. It’s as if I prepare for bedtime under tea light. I sit in bed, cup in hand and reflect with gratitude for the day. The experience that tea has introduced into my life is so special, truly my happy place.

When I travel, I always have a few tea pouches in my purse. But it doesn’t stop there, I have been referred to as Mary Poppins because I have been known to have tea press, strainers in my purse for my teatime. Is it inappropriate to ask for hot water at a restaurant to prepare my own tea? I only think it’s inappropriate if they don’t have a better tea selection on the menu than what I have in my purse.

Does that make me a tea snob?