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Posts made in January 2019

Hair Tea

Photo of Woman with Great HairSome may not be familiar with hair tea, so I want to share my experience with you. Two years ago, I had a keratin treatment done on my hair to straighten it and within a week, my hair started falling out. Each time I touched my hair it came out in massive clumps. I was mortified and did not know what to do. I consulted with acupuncturists and had no luck. I had my hair cut to stop the massive shedding, but it was too late, by that point I had huge patches of baldness and did not know what to do. I decided to wear my hair in a weave so I would not have to deal with it.

During this time my mother traveled to Panama and saw that the girls there had beautifully healthy hair. When she asked what they were doing, they said hair tea. She brought me the ingredients and made the tea for my hair. I kept a bottle in the shower and on a weekly basis I would pour some on my scalp. When I would work out and my scalp felt itchy, I would pour the hair tea to calm the itch. Anyone wearing braids or a weave knows first-hand how unbearable an itchy scalp can be. This rosemary tea saved me.

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